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Steve Jobs: How To Live Before You Die


I know this speech  is all over the internet but I’m transferring some posts from my old blog to this new and it’s worth sharing this speech again it’s really classic.

This is really a must-see speech by Steve Jobs who shares 3 interesting stories from his life:  college drop-out, work at Apple, and his battle with cancer. The speech is from his Commencement address at Stanford in 2005.

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Listen to Steve Jobs’ Conversation with NPR’s Terry Gross From 1996

This interview with Steve Jobs surfaced a day after his death. I listened to it for the first time this week and could not help but notice how accurate Steve’s vision of the future was.

In the interview he predicted:

  • The use of Dynamic Web Pages would continue to grow
  • People would start searching the web for information and not just products
  • Graphical user interface is the way to go; users would want to see buttons and nice pictures on their screen
  • Everyone would eventually be using a computer and not just 5% of the population

All of his predictions from 1996 have come true today..That’s really the genius of Steve Jobs; he was a visionary who saw into the future – something many leaders are incapable of doing today.

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