I had the opportunity to attend Cisco Live 2015 last month in San Diego and meet new people and learn bunch of new stuff. Most of the sessions I had attended were IPv6 related as I wanted to learn more about the protocol and be able to design IPv6 networks.

Now that the on-demand videos and presentation slides have been published, I wanted to share with you some of the sessions that I thought were really great and worth watching.

Here are some of my favorite sessions from Cisco Live 2015.

IPv6 from Intro to Intermediate: This is session by Tim Martin was a great introduction to IPv6 and covered addresses, headers, and link operations. If you are just getting started with IPv6, this would be a good place to start.

Enterprise IPv6 Deployment: another session by Tim Martin which covered general design, host configuration, and translation techniques.

IPv6 Routing Protocols Update: This presentation by Wim Verrydt was a comprehensive overview of the IPv6 routing protocols (OSPFv3, BGP, EIGRP) along with some configuration examples. It also discussed the coexistence of IPv4 and IPv6 routing protocols.

Enterprise Multi-Homed Internet Edge Architectures: This presentation by Michael Kowal discussed BGP multi-homed deployment scenarios and covered pros and cons of each design.

Troubleshooting OSPF: This is a presentation by Faraz Shamim which I could not attend live at the conference but watched the video this week when it became available. It is a great session that covers OSPF LSAs and some of the new commands that make troubleshooting easier. If you work in operations and you deal with OSPF, you definitely want to check out this session.

Do you have favorite sessions? I want to know about them. Share them with us below.

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